Yasmin Le Bon

Yasmin Le Bon (née Parvaneh; born 29 October 1964, in Oxford, England) is a British Iranian fashion model. She was born to an Iranian father, Iraj A. A. Parvaneh, and an English mother. Yasmin Le Bon is currently represented by Elite+ in New York City and Models 1 in London.

In 1981, the young Yasmin was discovered by a local modeling agency while working a part-time sales job in a boutique.

In mid 1984, Yasmin Parvaneh met Simon Le Bon, lead singer of Duran Duran. The couple married on 27 December 1985.
Yasmin Le Bon took a brief hiatus from modeling in 1986 to recover from a miscarriage. Soon she returned to the business and in April 1987 was hired by GUESS? for a key advertising campaign. In the late 1980s She appeared on the cover of the first American and British issues of Elle. She has also been on the covers of Vogue, V, I.D., Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and many others.

Le Bon eventually gave birth to a daughter, Amber Rose, in August 1989. She was back on the catwalks within weeks. In September 1991, Le Bon had her second daughter, Saffron Sahara, and then, in 1994, had her third, Talullah Pine. In the spring of 2001, Le Bon, a 36-year-old mother of three, modeled bikinis for Marks & Spencer. In 2003, she signed an exclusive deal with designer Matthew Williamson and his sponsor, Ariel Essential.

As a model, Le Bon has represented Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Bergdorf Goodman, Biotherm, Bloomingdale’s, Bonwit Teller, Calvin Klein, Versace, Shiatzy Chen, Chanel, Christian Dior, Clairol, Escada, Filene’s, Frasercard and Gianfranco Ferré, amongst others.

In September 2009, Yasmin Le Bon partnered with Wallis to design her first women’s clothing and jewellery collection called YLB. Her second collection was made available in March 2010.

She has blamed Wikipedia for the belief that she is vegetarian, which she is not.


10 Responses to “Yasmin Le Bon”
  1. Linda Penner says:

    There is no doubt why Yasmin is considered a top model even to this day. Now her daughter is into modeling and has her mother and father’s good looks and genes. Yasmin was one of the models that came out with Eva with that dark exotic looking image when the 70’s and 80’s were mostly known for the blonde hair and blue eyes not that there is anything wrong with that. My other top 10 model of all time just so happens to be Kim Alexis who is from my neck of the woods here in New York State from a town called Lockport Ny. Yasmin is gorgeous, striking and it is not hard to see why she is considered a true supermodel.

  2. Linda Penner says:

    I realize I posted on Yasmin LeBon before but here is the other Yasmin i was referring to and strangely enough though both women are gorgeous and have the dark manes and almost black , deep eyes and are exotic looking they photograph so differently yet beautifully. Yasmin is another face that everyone knows and loves. She graced hundreds of magazines covers as well as all the supermodels on issues from all over the world. She is married to Simon LeBon and have beautiful children, she is also seen alot at the elite social gatherings in the UK. She is modeling today as well and remains flawless. LP

  3. Eva Voorhees says:

    It was so hard to choose which images to put in her album, I started with about 500! What an amazing career she’s had!

  4. Claudia Evans says:

    A thousand thanks, Eva, because you’ve finally posted my favorite supermodel! the truth is that it is a delight to see pictures of models such as Yasmin, which make it so necessary to the fashion industry, a beautiful woman and exotic, thanks once again.Greetings to all from Mexico

  5. Eva Voorhees says:

    My pleasure dear Claudia, and it’s so good to know she’s you’re favorite. I don’t know why you didn’t just ask me to add her! I’ll do anything to make my friends happy. :)

  6. leslie77 says:

    I never tire of looking at Yasmin. She’s so unbelievably gorgeous. She always had a tremendous presence, and way about her. Eva, thanks so much for developing such a fantastic gem of a website… You are another one of my favourite models, and the overall concept for this site is just brilliant. I’m especially glad that you’ve included several rare photographs of some of the lesser known models of the 1980’s.

  7. Eva Voorhees says:

    How sweet! I’m really glad you like my site; thank you for all the compliments!

  8. leslie77 says:

    You’re very welcome! I hope you wouldn’t mind if I made a request, I’m sure it takes a great deal of time to select which photographs to post for the models that you select, but I would love if you could dedicate a page to the model Michele Hicks, if you’re familiar with her work. She rose to prominence in the mid 1990’s, and has acted in such films as Twin Falls Idaho, and television series as The Shield. She’s one of my favourites, and was underrated, I think. Oh, and just out of curiosity, since you’re a successful model yourself, who are some of your top favourite models and designers?

  9. Eva Voorhees says:

    If you know anyone who can work with wordpress let me know! I have a lot of images to add to existing albums and I prefer to add 4 albums at a time-next round I could make it an even 100. But that requires a web designer, I don’t make the albums, I just put the images in the order I like. It’s incredibly time consuming to add images individually and a tech person is really needed to do that much work.

    Kate Moss is probably my most favorite model of all time. I love Shalom Harlow, Isabella Rossellini, Rosie Vela, Natalia Vodianova, Jean Shrimpton…so many!

    And I have to say I still like the designers I got to work with personally: Calvn Klein, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan. I still have a Donna Karan skirt from the mid 90s that works as well today as it did then! Their clothes are classic.


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