Vibeke Knudsen


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  1. JACKIE HUTTON says:

    Elegant, gorgeous. Watched a movie with her and gorgeous Dayle Haddon, a french movie called Madame Claude. They were drop dead gorgeous. Love her 70’s editorials.

  2. Eva Voorhees says:

    Another great lady!

  3. Claudia Evans says:

    I wanna ask you something… which is the nationality of Vibeke?

  4. eva voorhees says:

    That’s a really good question… I’ll find out for you.

  5. eva voorhees says:

    And the answer is: Denmark. :)

  6. ghost says:

    I knew Vibeke when she and her husband Burt lived down the street from us as well as boarded at our horse ranch. They’re wonderful people, they even let my family use their pool. Vibeke would talk with me for hours, sharing about herself and career. She and her husband were great to talk to as they’d always share places they’d been and things they were doing. Though they were well off they never looked down on people. I know most people only get to see her beauty as reflected off the page of a magazine or internet but Vibeke is beautiful both inside and out. I felt privileged to have known her and her husband. I had to leave the east coast but always wondered about them and how they’re doing.
    originally of Brewster, New York

  7. Eva Voorhees says:

    Vibeke is a wonderful person, you’re so right. I’m sorry to report she and Burt divorced many years ago, I’d say about 20. I saw her in Santa Monica in ’95 and she was remarried, so it must be at least 20 years now.
    She used to invite me to her dinner parties. We got rather close after our reunion at Starbucks that day and would talk on the phone frequently. Yes, Vibeke’s a very smart lady, generous, funny, revered in the business and royalty in her country!
    I haven’t seen her now for some time, but she still works which I think is fabulous! She travels, collects art and loves life! A beautiful lady whom I really admire. :)

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