Shaun Casey

Shaun Casey was a model active from the mid-1970s through the mid-1980s. By 1987 she had given up modeling for all but a few favorite clients.

In the late 1970s, Casey was associated with famous hairstylist, John Sahag, who created a stir by cutting her hair extremely short and bleaching it white for a Helmut Newton cover of French Vogue.

Karen Graham was the exclusive Estee Lauder spokesmodel from 1973-1985. Beginning in 1979, Shaun Casey began to appear as well. Her first advertisement was in 1979 called “Grand Cafe Colors.” She appeared in many Estee Lauder advertisements however. Some were 1981’s “The Great American Desert,” 1982’s “Perfectly Natural Liquid Makeup,” 1982’s “Country Manor Colors,” 1983’s “Greek Island Colors,” and 1983’s Polished Performance Liquid Makeup.”

Shaun Casey graced six Harper Bazaar covers, eight Glamour covers, one French Vogue, a few Italian Bazaar, one English Vogue, and was a very successful working model.

Casey also had a small role in the 1977 Woody Allen romantic comedy Annie Hall.

Casey described modeling as “a job, just like any other job” and said of her pictures, “Gosh, I wish I looked like that every day.”

Shaun Casey was married to actor Roger Wilson from the late 1970s to 1983. Shaun Casey is no longer working as a model, she lives in California with her husband & two daughters.

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20 Responses to “Shaun Casey”
  1. Jayne Copley says:

    Picture number 6, the fifth Bazaar cover, was a keeper. I saved that for a while to remind myself how the right color makeup makes such a difference. Look how much more gorgeous those shades are on her than almost anything else on the profile. I guess it is probably also the lighting and the feel the photographer was going for–outdoorsy, with the chunky yellow sweater. But if all things were equal, I think she looks best in this shot. Does anyone agree? And what became of Sean? Does anyone know?

  2. eva voorhees says:
  3. Eva Voorhees says:

    Personally, I like number 15, she looks great with the dark eyes-she was usually the all American model. I like the stronger make up on her.

    Shaun worked so much in the 80s, and I worked with her quite a few times. When putting these albums and bios together it was astonishing to find out that there is little to no information on some of the top models of that era. Shaun Casey was one of them. There are a few models who don’t have bios yet and fewer images in their albums because I haven’t found much yet.

    I started by making albums from all the tear sheets I had, fans then sent me some images, and I’m slowly building up their albums. So if you find any info on Shaun, please let me know and I’ll add it here.

    Update: found more images and a bio! :)

  4. paul palmero says:

    I think I worked with almost all those girls including Eva…I dont know maybe I am older and don’t see the same hand picked girls but then they were all special in their own way…God bless them all!
    Paul Palmero

  5. paul palmero says:

    I think I worked with almost all those girls including Eva…I dont know maybe I am older and don’t see the same hand picked girls but then they were all special in their own way…God bless them all!
    Paul Palmero
    this thing wont let me make the comment

  6. Eva Voorhees says:

    Sorry about that Paul, It just needs to be approved the first time-comment all you want! Thanks for joining and posting! And the kind words, Eva

  7. Ben Williams says:

    She is a cousin of mine, I havnt seen her since she used to babysit me in Ridgefield CT in the 60s. I just went back for a visit from out here in Marin and found out from my sister Amy that she lives here in the next town.
    Hey Shaun, you can find me on facebook easy enough if you see this, Id love to catch up! Ben
    Amy has kept us in the “loop” over the years!

  8. Eva Voorhees says:

    Hi Ben,
    I just forwarded your message to her. :)

  9. Courthey says:

    Shaun was beautiful i wonder if she has twitter or Fb i would luv to see what she’s up to :))

  10. eva voorhees says:

    I forwarded your message to Shaun just a little while ago, Courthey.

  11. Ben Williams says:

    Thanks Eva! I remember my sister telling us a story, and having the finished picture, of Shaun doing a shoot with a big python around her shoulders, back when pythons werent cool, I think they shot the pic in India or something… anyway it was a great shoot but she was not too keen on having a big snake around her neck in least the story goes, but she looked as cool as the Crocodile man in it. Very professional. I had lots of reptiles at the time so she was my hero for that one! We had that picture on our fridge for years.
    On “Annie Hall”, there’s a bar scene where she’s introduced to Woody Allen, as Shaun. My favorite part of the movie.

  12. Eva Voorhees says:

    Anytime, I’m glad I could help!
    What a great story, and Shaun’s such a trooper to put up with a python wrapped around her. And everyone thinks modeling is so glamorous!
    I didn’t know that Shaun was in Annie Hall-cool! Now I want to see it. :)

  13. angel says:

    Let’s face it Linda Evangelista was talking smack when she thought her originality was larger than her history about the $10K comment. Linda was never the original chameleon because Shaun is much prettier and radically changed her looks before the latter was even big modeling. Thanks again Eva for letting everyone in the world know who was the original chameleon.

  14. Linda Penner says:

    I love these photos of Shaun Casey. I thought i would never see them again and the pictorials. I especially love the one with her and Nancy Deweir..Oh actually I can not pick i love them all.

  15. Linda Penner says:

    Shaun Casey was one of my favorite models on the covers of harpers bazaar. Her face lit up the cover and I remember that i could not wait to see inside the pictorial sections. Ususally she is laughing and smiling and has a beautiful face not to mention a body to kill for. I collected covers of her and pictorial pictures from the top photographers of Shaun. Her face is gentle yet commanding with eyes to die for. Just take a look at the wonderful collection of images of Shaun on this fantastic website. I cherished so many of her photos that i almost had a heart attack when my mother through out my extensive collection of models when i was in college in 1982. Now i can remember thanks to sites like this wonderful one:)

  16. daves says:

    Not sure if this thread is still active. I knew Shaun in the early 80’s when she had a summer house in East Hampton. She was a student of mine, I taught riding during the summer there when I was in college. We all had so much fun with her and we did not know she was a model. She invited our group to her house one night and saw some pictures of her. That’s when we found out what she did. She was becoming a very good rider. I wonder is she remembers our group.

  17. Eva Voorhees says:

    Thank you for the comment, Dave is it? This site is definitely still active, just closely monitored by me; nothing is posted until I approve it. I see far too much “model bashing”, and that’s too TMZ for my site. I love sharing the stories like yours!

  18. daves says:

    Yes it is Dave, Shaun would know our group as Dave, Cindy and Greg. No worries of model bashing she was just our friend. We were just talking about that time in our lives and her name came up which prompted me to do a google search and we found this thread. We all hope she is happy and doing well, as we all are.

  19. Eva Voorhees says:

    I wasn’t worried. That’s why I approved the comment. Her daughters have been here so if they see your comment I’m sure they will tell her you were saying nice things about her! Thanks.

  20. daves says:

    Happy to hear that, she was fun to be around. Also, I hope she continued to ride she had such potential. Give her our best!

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