Renee Simonsen

Renee Toft Simonson, born May 12, 1965, is a former model from Denmark, who currently works as a writer. Simonsen was one of the most successful models in the world during the 1980s.

Simonsen was born in Aarhus, Denmark, where she worked as a supermarket cashier before she was discovered.

In 1981 she caught the attention of the fashion editor Birte Strandgaard, who convinced photographer Leif Nygaard to do some photos of her. Simonsen subsequently participated in the Ekstra Bladet Contest and won 2nd place. In July 1981 she appeared on the cover of the Danish magazine Fotokino.

The following year she won the Ekstra Bladet Contest, and was chosen to represent Denmark at the Supermodel of the World contest, which she won in August 1982. Renee was the ultimate embodiment of beauty in the 1980s, and her most amazing feature are her piercing blue eyes. In December 1982 she appeared in the American edition of Vogue.

From 1983 on she became one of the quickest rising stars of the international modeling world, being featured on the covers of numerous international fashion magazines. She was the cover girl for the German Vogue in March, April and September.

In 1983 she was featured on the cover of Roxy Music’s Atlantic Years album.

From 1985-1989 she dated bassplayer John Taylor of the British band Duran Duran to whom she was engaged. That same year, she debuted as an actress in Carlo Vanzina’s Sotto il vestito niente (The Last Shot), playing a psychopathic murderer. Besides her many modeling jobs, in 1987 she worked again with Vanzina on the comedy Via Montenapoleone.

In 1988 she decided to take a break from fashion. After breaking up with Taylor in 1989, she lived for 3 months in a kibbutz in Israel with her sister Heidi. Despite an offer to audition for the role of a Bond Girl in one the upcoming James Bond films, the following year Simonsen ended her modeling career and returned to Denmark to study journalism. After failing the qualifying examination she began to study psychology instead.

From 1991 on she again worked as model for Vichy cosmetics. In 1993 Simonsen became the face of Biotherm cosmetics.

She has two children from a relationship with Kristian Sandvad: Ulrikke, born in 1993, and Jens-Kristian, born in 1995.

In 1997 she worked as a fashion editor for the Danish magazine Asschenfeldts Magasin, which was however stopped after a few issues. In summer she started a relationship with Danish rock singer Thomas Helmig, whom she married in August 2000.

In 2002 she completed her degree in psychology with success.

In 2003 Simonsen signed a contract to the French cosmetic company Clarins and began appearing in magazine advertisements for mature skincare products.

In October 2003 she published her first children’s book, entitled “Karlas kabale.”

In 2006 her children’s book “Anthony Greenwood” was nominated for the Danish book-prize “Orla” and she was awarded with “The Most Dynamic Women” award by cosmetic company Clarins for her social engagement at Plan Denmark.

Her book, “Karlas kabale” made it to the movies in 2007 and premieres in November. In August appears her first novel “Tirsdag formiddag” (Tuesday Morning).

After her time in the kibbutz:
I am more opened now and can assess myself much better. Now I know that I’m not just a model. I’m a person with many abilities and qualities that does not have to live by other people’s expectations.

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17 Responses to “Renee Simonsen”
  1. Claudia Evans says:

    She was one of the best supermodels of 80′ s, and I dare to say that most beautiful of the industry of the fashion. Their beautiful blue eyes resist with that beauty of femme fatale. without a doubt, Renee Simonsen was the best one. Greetings from Mexico

  2. Eva Voorhees says:

    I have a friend who adores her and is probably the best source of scans in the world! I’ve got so much more of Renee to add!

  3. Claudia Evans says:

    I met Renee through this page of supermodels, although I have 20 years and I love anything that has to do with the fashion of 70’s and 80’s, congratulations for your work and look forward to most about Renee Simonsen

  4. JACKIE HUTTON says:

    The most beautiful model ever. No doubt about it. Perfect gaze, perfect hair, perfect eveything. Love her.

    Thanks for the scans.

  5. Eva Voorhees says:

    You should become a fan of Moda scans group on Facebook. My friend Silvy adores her, and even created a fan page just for Renee. Moda scans are by far the best I’ve ever seen.

  6. Claudia Evans says:

    I agree with you Jackie, Renee is one of the most beautiful models I’ve seen in my life, for my mother, who grew up in Queens, had in his possession several magazine covers where Renee appeared, and this is how I know. Hopefully, in these days, the models were like her. Greetings from Mexico

  7. JACKIE HUTTON says:

    I have an Elle France and a fab pic by Malinowski with Renee holding a leopard or some kind of feline, have to check.
    Saw the Moda in facebook. Love the pics. Nice work. And I found Jerry Hall as well.
    Thank you for that.

  8. eva says:

    Yes, Moda scans are stunning. Silvy’s helped me so much with my images. If you ever want to make her day see if she wants to trade Renee images! She has nearly everything she ever did!

  9. Claudia Evans says:

    in truth I hope that they can add more material of Renee, hopefully can do it and believe me, that will hope with anxieties

  10. Eva Voorhees says:

    She has a fan page for Renee on Facebook. Have you see it?

  11. Claudia Evans says:

    thanks Eva!!, I have visited the Facebook of Renee and have been really pleased, greetings from Mexico to Everybody! =)

  12. eva voorhees says:

    Greetings Claudia! Glad you liked the Renee page!

  13. stephen says:

    Rene, Esme, Valerie Lohr, Donna Stia, Alexa Singer, Patti Owen and my alltime favorite Julie Wolfe were all the first to introduce the look of the 80s. Esme and Julie were the first to cut their hair short. The rest is history!

  14. Claudia Evans says:

    A few days ago, I began to see several pictures of Renee and I realized she is a mix of Kim Alexis and Patti Hansen … and the result was fabulous!

  15. eva voorhees says:

    Renee has so many admirers-it’s amazing. :)

  16. May says:

    yes Renee was and stil is the best
    and will forever be my fave model
    Visit my website
    I collect on her and trade stuff too
    got lots twice ;-)
    Write to me on my website

  17. Eva Voorhees says:

    My good friend Silvy feels the same way about Renee as you do. She is on Facebook and has started a fan page there for Renee. She probably has every scan of Renee too! You two should “meet.”

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