Renato Grignaschi shares his passion for photography

I’ve always been fascinated by Beauty and Harmony in general, because of that, becoming a fashion photographer has been a natural consequence of my great Love for pictures.

Clothes are just an expedient for telling a story made of seduction where the true protagonist was a woman with her charme and her mystery.

The photograph technique, the framing and mainly the use of lights, has been at the base of my work, but more than that is the emotion that I’ve felt every single day in front of the models I’ve taken picture of.

I had the chance to work with beautiful women, choosing and following a precise pre-determinated “story” and dresses, but for me it was really important to get along famously with the models, so I worked many times with the same models.

I’ve never considered the models I worked with as just beautiful objects, but persons with feelings, because that’s my way in which I refer to other people, and the only way the spark sprang up which gives the result of an exciting shoot.

When this happened, we both understood it like a strange vibration between us, the vibration of a special moment, and that it is such an intense emotion.

Usually I build up light situation, I talk with the models in order to explain them which position and attitude to assume for starting the shooting and then I give them some free space to express themselves.

Only if free and confident, but supported with constant suggestions and approvals made by a friendly warm voice, careful attention by the hairstylist and the make-up artist for necessary touch ups, feeling marvellous and, in that moment, the centre of the world she will show up the extraordinary mystery of a beautiful charming woman.

I have to be the stimulator that helps her to make real on the set what is already inside here, her more beautiful femininity.

I remember once in Rome, during the collections,I made an american model recline on a sofa, she starts to move very slowly, playing with her positions and the dress, she took off her shoes, then glided on the floor, she knelt and sweetly started to caress it…. it was a great moment, but it was very hard to choose the best picture.

All my work comes up by a tight équipe collaboration, beyond the model, also the editor, the make-up artist, the hairstylist and the assistants as well are an essential part for achieving a great result.

Everyone on the set gives a vital contribution, and it’s necessary that each one feels comfortable in order to give their best.

For this reason my choice of the hairstylist and the make-up artist is always very careful because they have to stick to my vision of the woman.

The make-up and hair setting come up from a conversation made before starting the shooting.

It rarely happens that we all didn’t get along about the right line to follow in the shooting.

Naturally, I defend my own point of view, but it’s also usefull to listen to other’s.

It’s important and I like a lot to stay in the fitting room to look up at the hairstylist and make-up artist’s work.

It’s exciting seeing how they’re able to turn a beautiful face into a gorgeous one.

I worked with many marvellous artists and I learned from them a lot of things about a woman’s beauty.

I’m a smiling photographer, glad every time I walk into a shooting set, aware of the privilege of doing a wonderful job and I love to work with serious, professional, careful, creative, but smiling people.

I believe that tensions on the set has a very negative impact on the shooting and I hate every form of “starhood” by anyone.

I cherish a beautiful memory of the years I worked in NY and all the people I worked with.

The most beautiful thing was the enthusiasm that I felt from everybody because they were persuaded that someday we’d create something good and very special. And that gave us a strong charge.

Thanks to Facebook I was able to find some of the people I worked with in those years, I want to say thank you to everyone, thank you for their precious help and to have shared together beautiful, intense, happy moments.

Renato Grignaschi


2 Responses to “Renato Grignaschi shares his passion for photography”
  1. Eva Voorhees says:

    I love you Renato! Thank you so much for doing this for me!

  2. Christopher says:

    Oh this is FANTASTIC!!!! I love how this is all coming together, I am glad to these new additions, and I am proud to be a part of this! Eva, you ROCK and thanks SOOO much to Renato for blessing us with a wonderful essay for SMI. I woke up for a cup of tea and as I sip, ready to go back to bed…I have to stay up a bit longer because I have to see this lovely piece of work. Renato, YOU are an artist and I thank you for fueling my dreams by sharing with me/us, yours. xoxoxo

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