Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams is an American model, actress, and TV presenter now living in the United Kingdom.

Her father Tod Williams and stepmother Billie Tsien are architects in the Manhattan firm Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects, well-known for their American Folk Art Museum, which many critics have called the best building of 2001. She followed in her father’s footsteps and studied architecture and graduated from Columbia University.

Aside from a role in a Utopia video for the song “Crybaby” in 1984 (she’s wearing a red dress), Rachel Williams began modeling when she was 20, doing significant fashion magazine work from 1987-1992. She appeared in and on the covers of Elle Magazine, Vogue, Cosmo and the Victoria’s Secret catalog & J. Crew catalog as well as advertising campaigns for Bon Jour jeans, Ciara perfume, Absolut vodka, Calvin Klein and Revlon. She posed for Playboy in 1992.

In March 1995, her manager publicly announced her relationship with British pop singer Alice Temple:

“The simplicity of the story is what makes it really beautiful. Here are two people who respect each other and have an attraction based on their life and their lifestyle. They have a lot of time to be with each other (sharing a flat in London). They’ve created a life together. Rachel has no problem with the fact that she’s with Alice. ‘I never thought to hide it,’ the megamodel known as The Amazon shrugged in coming out of the fashion closet to shocked headlines. ‘I’ve had flings with women before, though my long-term relationships have always been with men. I was pleasantly surprised when I fell for Alice!'”

She appeared in Strangers with Candy in the episode Yes You Can’t (2000) as Dr. Rachel Williams, Supermodel.

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