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  1. Donna says:

    Wow, I remember seeing alot of those covers/pictures of Nancy..and she is everybit as beautiful as she has gotten older…she is so in shape and pretty now…and a very nice person. AND a pastry chef? Oh, how I love pastry!!! Well, she keeps it off her hips well. LOL

  2. JACKIE HUTTON says:

    She worked a lot for Vogue Uk. Sher shots were always fab. She looked very sophisticated.

  3. Eva Voorhees says:

    Nancy D is a sweetheart!

  4. Jayne Copley says:

    Just want to say how nice Nancy is. I was in the airport with my brother-in-law who had been having cancer treatment in New York. I spotted Nancy and went over to meet her and tell her how excited my friends and I had been when she hit the covers in the late 70s since we lived in the town next to the one in which she was raised. She was so nice–this was around 1992–and she came over and asked questions about all the macrobiotic food we were eating in the airport and said she had several model friends who ate macro. What a sweetheart!
    I think Kim Alexis and Kelly Emberg were in her wedding party, by the way. And what does Nancy do in Brussels–does anyone know?

  5. eva voorhees says:

    Oh, yes, Nancy was and still is a sweetie. Nancy is on Facebook and is currently working on a skin care line. Where did you hear she was in Brussels?
    Nancy, Kim and Kelly were like the brat pack of models! They are very close friends to this day.
    You’re Macrobiotic? I was for years, and it’s still one of my favorite diets. If you’re ever in NY you really should go to Souen restaurant. I used to eat there nearly every day. There’s one in Soho and one on the Upper East Side-Soho is better though! And there’s an Apple store right down the street! :)

  6. Jayne Copley says:

    Hi Eva, unfortunately I did not stick with macrobiotics, but I’m going to put Souen restaurant in my phone book for the next time I visit New York. The last line of the biography above reads: Nancy lives in Boston, New York and Brussels. . . .maybe she is friends with a designer there or maybe she has a boyfriend there or maybe she just loves it there and bought a place–it’s fun to speculate!

  7. eva voorhees says:

    It’s pretty hard to stick with Macrobiotics, but I really love the food, and the best I ever had in the world was at Souen.
    Well, I think it’s time to update Nancy’s bio! Thank you for bringing that to my attention, there’s much more current info available now.

  8. stephen says:

    I met her and Jeff at a weekend party once in Bellport LI in 1981 (why do I always have to give the exact year lol) a few days later, while back in the city, I was walking with my art portfolio to go to class at the Art Students League on 57th street. I saw her jumping over and over off the curb in a white outfit by Central Park South for a shot with Bill King (the spread came out a few months later in Vogue). I yelled out her name a few times from across the street “NANCY!!” “NANCY!!” she kept looking to see where this noise was coming from and then when she saw me she gave me a big hello with that gleaming smile. I wonder if she knew who the hell I was! Lol

  9. eva voorhees says:

    I don’t know, but I want your problem! I’m sure she did remember you, she was always so nice to everyone.

  10. Jim T. says:

    Re Photos #3, #8, #29, #31 from the October 1979 Harper’s Bazaar layout (with Nancy Donahue, Eva Vorhees, Barbara Minty, and Gia) by Rico Puhlmann shot in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (where I stayed in May 2008 after taking a tour through Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks):

    Did anyone recite lines from my father’s favorite Western, “Shane” (1953)?
    “…Now you run on home to your mother and tell her… tell her everything’s alright. And there aren’t any more guns in the valley.” (Rides off)
    “Shane! Come back!’

  11. Eva Voorhees says:

    I love movie quotes! I do it all the time, thanks for writing, But no, we didn’t sit around quoting lines from Shane, today I could, but those darn kids… what do they know of classic movie lines? :)

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