Nancy DeWeir

At age 15 (1978) Nancy DeWeir was discovered by ad exec Vincent Teschetti ( Vice President of BBD&O) while traveling  on the Long Island Rail Road with her mother to have dinner in the city with her father, who worked in the Twin Towers.

After being turned away by Wilhelmina, Stewart and Zoli modeling agencies, she went to Ford, because they had a children’s division.

She was abruptly scooped up by Eileen Ford, who whisked Nancy off to her office where she measured and weighed her. “Lose 20 pounds!” Eileen commanded, and thus began the story of Nancy’s life as a supermodel.

DeWeir manage to drop about 10 pounds, and immediately began working for Seventeen, Co-Ed, Mademoiselle, and Glamour.  Her mother accompanied her on all appointments (go-sees) and jobs for the first year. At 17 she graduated early from High School, and moved to a one room apartment on 57th and 3rd, that faced an air-shaft.

Soon after that she met her future husband, Tim Geaney, on a Seventeen magazine shoot. Tim was assisting Bruce Weber, and Nancy believed it was fate to be working with Bruce. He, without a doubt, did some of her most timeless spreads. “I am honored to have worked with such a genius. Who knew my future was sealed?”

She went on to work in Europe, but mostly in the U.S. She was featured  on the covers of Bazaar, Seventeen, French, Italian, British and  Australian Vogue, Harpers and Queen, Linea, 21, Elle, and others.

She had a cosmetic contract for Max Factor’s Maxi line for 6 years, and did ads for Cover Girl, Chanel, Cristalle, Revlon, Prell, Finesse, Clairol, etc. Primarily a beauty/editorial model-DeWeir didn’t need to do runway-she was a huge success in print alone.

She continued to work until she was in her 30’s, even after having two children, but quit modeling in 1999 for good.

“Thanks to all who care about our past in the fashion business. What a time it was. I am so lucky to have been a part of it,” says the modest Nancy, who was instrumental in the fashion industry.


2 Responses to “Nancy DeWeir”
  1. Richard says:

    I went to school with Nancy from elementary through Northport High School. Beyond her looks, she was always a really nice person

  2. Eva Voorhees says:

    That’s what everyone says, and I agree!

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