Nancy Decker

Nancy Decker has her eyelashes dyed every six weeks but otherwise does little to her face except bathe it in moonbeams. This seems reasonable, since she is only 17. She is a rarity, a blazing, natural redhead, discovered in Milwaukee in 1979.

Top-Top Photographer Albert Watson says that Decker is a face to watch. Nancy, who makes $1,500 a day after six months on the job, thinks so too: “I feel like it’s all of a sudden going to go boom, boom. I can just feel it. It’s like when you’re waiting for a pimple to come up.”

Not having had time to become jaded or to embrace a pragmatically spartan regimen, she still likes rock-‘n’-roll joints like the Ritz and the Peppermint Lounge. She likes to eat a brownie, strawberry ice cream and whipped cream horribility, and as she does so she looks innocent enough to break an art director’s heart. She is sufficiently seasoned, however, to set meticulously aside cab chits, makeup bills and other tax-deductible receipts every evening after work.

She hopes to finish high school one of these days.

Nancy Decker-SMI

Nancy Decker Time magazine interview


9 Responses to “Nancy Decker”
  1. edward hazelton says:

    She stood out! She had an awesome layout in GQ back in the 80’s. I still have the issue.

  2. Eva Voorhees says:

    Nancy’s another favorite of mine. She’s so nice, has a great personality and I always loved working with her.

  3. Nancy Decker says:

    This is too funny! Eva if you see this, thanks!!! I always enjoyed working with you too :) How funny…Where do they find the pictures?

  4. Eva Voorhees says:

    IF I see it? I made it, so I see everything here! Nancy!!!!! I love you, you have no idea! I love making albums for the women I especially liked. You would be amazed at how great people are about sending images to me if I ask fans. But I think most of these were my tearsheets I saved for years. What a pleasure to hear from you. And honey, if you send me a bio or link or anything at all to do justice to your album I will get on it immediately! I always try to get help from the models so they like the way their albums look. I was just talking about you with a friend on Monday, he said he always loved you, and so do I! xoxoxo I’m so happy to hear from you!

  5. Alma Hahn says:

    We LOVE SuperModel Nancy Decker !!!! She is my husband’s aunt. Our daughter Nikki Hahn is also a model and actress in Hollywood at age 7.

    Alma and Tyson Hahn

  6. Eva Voorhees says:

    :) She’s very special to me too! What a sweetheart!

  7. Courthey says:

    Oh wow thats amazing how are you Miss.Nancy? Miss Eva do you know if Miss.Nancy has a website?

  8. Linda Penner says:

    What an amazing beauty with all that flaming red hair and freckled skin. Every image above represents how Nancy’s outlook was. Bright, fun and adventurous. Her pictorials especially in Harper’s Bazaar were some of the most spectacular in the hx of the magazine and yet one my remember that face but not the name. Take a glimpse of above and just see why she is more than a beautiful face. This is Nancy Decker..LP

  9. Dawn Caldwell says:

    Nancy! I loved working with you and wonder how you are girl?? Call a sister! I’m in chicago still and would love to connect somehow.

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