Michelle Stevens

Top cover girl of the 70s, Michelle Stevens-Childs, has a new attitude:

“All the glamour and fame that came with modeling was so exciting to me in my early 20s, but eventually I felt I had to get a real life. So I got married, moved to the country, had two kids and started my own fitness business. I’m slowly getting back into modeling again, but it has a different meaning to me. Now it’s just an accessory—another facet of my life.”

Although she’s older, Michelle has no problem keeping in model-shape since she teaches three or four exercise classes a day. “The way to deal with aging,” she says, “is to take control by doing something that makes you feel better, like exercising. It really builds confidence.”

The real key to Michelle’s sense of well being, however: “My family and pets—they’re my reward. In fact, my only reservation about modeling is that although my husband will be around, my children won’t be little forever.”

Michelle Childs-Stephens & Quincy Childs


14 Responses to “Michelle Stevens”
  1. JACKIE HUTTON says:

    Totally stunning.
    Beautiful hair, beautiful model. She worked a lot and all fo a sudden gone…
    I wonder what she is doing today. Love her Vogue US editorials. She has class.

  2. Eva Voorhees says:

    Michelle’s current status is a mystery. I remember one day working with her for Vogue shortly after I started. She announced the precise day she was quitting modeling and moving out of the city, and that’s exactly what she did! I’m sure she had numerous requests to return for special bookings, but as far as I know, she never returned to modeling.

  3. Quincy Childs says:

    This is my mom! As for her status… She is busy teaching pilates in our studio at home, supporting her three children: me Quincy (15), her other daughter Bronwen (25), and her son Starling (almost 27!). She is living the country life in Connecticut with me and my dad/her husband Star Childs. She’s the best mom anyone could ever ask for and devotes her life to the ones she loves. She has done nothing but encourage what I want to do and has stayed behind me and my dreams my whole life. Her birthday is coming up soon, October 9th and I can only hope that it is the best day because she deserves it! She has gone back to modeling for occasional bookings, but nothing huge since the 80’s. Last year she was in Oprahs Oct 2009 issue for a beauty spread and that has been mainly it since then. She’s still lovely though she is the most modest person you will ever meet. Love you mom xoxo

  4. Eva Voorhees says:

    These are the best emails! Thank you so much Quincy! I LOVE hearing from the children of these fabulous women! It’s so touching and so appreciated-this is the absolute best part of doing this by far!
    Shaun Casey’s, Anna Anderson’s and Lise Ryall’s daughters have all written praising their mothers!
    For me this is the greatest thank you I could ever receive for making these albums-I’m so happy to hear from all of you and so pleased you found this!

    Kisses to Michelle,


  5. edward hazelton says:

    Great too hear it!

  6. eva voorhees says:

    We will be sure to post many of her pics in celebration of her birthday, right, my dear EH?


  7. Jim T. says:

    My two favorite Cosmopolitan covers (both by Francesco Scavullo) were Michelle Stevens’ May 1979 wearing a red outfit by Norma Kamali, and Cindy Crawford’s September 1988 cover.

  8. Rebecca Ward says:

    I live next door to Michelle and realized after a couple of years of being her friend that I use to book her when I worked as an in-house stylist in NYC ( her last name has changed) in the mid-seventies. We are great friends now (I hope Michelle would agree) and I think it is so funny that our paths crossed in such a manner. We probably danced next to each other at Studio 54 etc. Michelle is still stunning, a classic beauty.

  9. Eva Voorhees says:

    Michelle is much loved and missed in the fashion industry. Please tell her to check in here anytime she likes and it’ll blow the socks off everyone! http://www.facebook.com/pages/supermodelsofthe70s-80sorg/111687438202?ref=ts
    Thanks for writing, and say hi to Michelle for me, please!

  10. Christopher says:

    Flipping through some vintage Vogues at the Library the other day, doing my usual curiosity snoop. I came across a few with her on the covers and what a beautiful smile she has! That second Vogue pic of her on here, reminds me a lot of Jessica Stam who has the same beautiful ice blue eyes, and is just as drop dead gorgeous but one never sees her smiling so much. Ms. Michelle, looks like she was having a ball and SO alive! What a lovely figure too!

  11. Nico says:

    Love her look! So wanna see more of her! Gorgeous!

  12. Eva Voorhees says:

    I need photos! :)

  13. Wade says:

    Michelle was always my favorite. She was always in the issues but not over-exposed. So glad she is doing well. Yes, non-fashion people knew her name.

  14. kelly says:

    Michelle Stevens is one of my all time favourite supermodels. When I think of my childhood – I see her beautiful face from the magazines my mother would read! Thank you for a great site – love it & all the memories that fashion magazines from the late seventies to the early 90s brings me.

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