Jacki Adams

In the 1980’s, Jacqueline worked in Manhattan as one of the world’s top models. As a Ford Model, Jacki Adams worked with photographers Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Arthur Elgort, Francesco Scavullo, Patrick Demarchelier, Hiro, & Albert Watson. Five of those years were spent as the exclusive face for Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics.

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10 Responses to “Jacki Adams”
  1. Donna says:

    I remember seeing her ads, covers…pretty lady!

  2. Jeanette says:

    She maintains her beauty to this day,,inside and out..as well as being an amazing athlete and woman! Inspiring individual, truely..

  3. eva says:

    Jacki was, in my opinion, always a grounded and down to earth model, and very bright!

  4. Claudia Evans says:

    pardon, but I do not understand … “Jacki Adams and Jacqueline Florine are the same person?

  5. eva says:

    Yes, that’s her married name.

  6. Denise Duggan Cassedy says:

    Jacki, my twin Darlene and I went to high school together. We shared a few classes and always admired Jacki and her modelling in Tampa. We continued with our education in Ireland and she had a better education with modelling and NYC. I am so pleased she has enjoyed so much success with her climbing, too. She was very driven.

  7. Eva Voorhees says:

    It certainly is a unique education and profession. Jacki was great to work with. Very bright, grounded and unaffected. I liked her too.

  8. Linda Penner says:

    Jacki Adams is one of my favorites as well. Looking at the images here on this site reminds me why. She is stunning and absolutely beautiful in the girl next door kind of way. Her face has graced numerous covers and I am proud to say that at one time i had them all.

  9. Samantha Todd says:

    Jacki modeled with my cousin Keli Kaiser in Tampa. I was going through some old photos of Keli and found Jacki’s name and thought I would look her up. She has certainly had an amazing career as I am sure Keli would have had also.

  10. sweetrose72_2006 says:

    Jacki was a beauty. Gia was a well know model at that time too, and if you look at the photos they kind of looked alike.

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