Christina Ferrare

Cristina Ferrare (born February 8, 1950 as Cynthia Cristina Ferrare) is a former fashion model, actress, author and television talk-show host.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, she was 14 years old when her family moved to Los Angeles, California, where her beauty landed her a contract with a major modeling agency and then with 20th Century Fox film studios. Ferrare starred in the 1968 movie The Impossible Years. She was a top model and a fixtured cover girl many times over on a variety of fashion magazines.

Ferrare was the spokesperson for Max Factor between the ages of 16 and 26 and a presenter on various television programs during the 1970s and 1980s including AM Los Angeles, Incredible Sunday and Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. She has also written a number of books including Cristina Ferrare’s Family Entertaining, “Cristina Ferrare Style: How To Have It In Every Part of Your Life”, Okay, So I Don’t Have a Headache and Realistically Ever After.

In her most recent book, Realistically Ever After, she mentions all her books except her book on beauty and style which she wrote under the name Cristina Ferrare DeLorean. She appears to want to disassociate herself from that book as she was married to John DeLorean at the time and he is omnipresent throughout. Cristina refers to her “fabulous marriage” in this book. She then mentions women she refers to as “Ms. Good-Time Charlotte” of whom she says the following “She gives him presents, massages his ego, says flattering things to his friends and boss, but she doesn’t understand loyalty and commitment. She’s ready for the roller-coaster ride when it’s on the upswing, but the moment the trip takes a downward turn, she wants off. She’ll love him as long as he’s rich, handsome, or powerful, but watch out on the sharp turns.”

Cristina was co-host of the popular local show A. M. Los Angeles for 4 years along side television host Steve Edwards.

Ferrare co-hosted The Home and Family Show with Chuck Woolery and Michael Burger, a unique two-hour show that was broadcast on the Family Channel from June 3, 1996 to August 14, 1998.

Cristina has worked as a designer of jewelry, home accessories and furniture on behalf of the Creative Brands Group. Cristina owns a very exclusive brand called Ferrare With Company, much of which can be found in department stores such as Barneys of New York all over the United States.

Ferrare has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show in her own cooking segments with Oprah. Winfrey is a fan of Ferrare’s cooking and cookbook and frequently features her in her magazine “O” as well as on her website with great cooking recipes.

Cristina Ferrare started her new TV show “Big Bowl Of Love” on Oprah Winfrey’s new television network (OWN) on January 3, 2011. The first episode featured Iron Chef Cat Cora and debuted to great reviews. Big Bowl of Love follows Cristina’s big personality and great cooking recipes as she shares them with friends and family on the show.

In 1973, she married automobile executive John DeLorean with whom she adopted a son Zachary and had a daughter, Kathryn. She and De Lorean divorced in 1985.

Soon after, she married entertainment industry executive Anthony Thomopoulos and had two daughters, Alexandra (born 1986) and Arianna (born 1989).


8 Responses to “Christina Ferrare”
  1. Donna says:

    Oh, how I have LOVED Christina since the 70’s!!!!! I even had a pair of eyeglasses like hers above, in the early 80’s and I didn’t even NEED them, back then. LOL I remember seeing her Home Show too…she LOVED Italian sandwhiches – Provolone Cheese, Proscuitto….she would say. She was so funny, and lovely and down to earth. I loved her humor and lightheartedness. She was not a Diva at all. A classy, gorgeous, lovely woman!

  2. JACKIE HUTTON says:

    These 2 covers of Cosmo and the Bazaar covers are super gorgeous. She was drop dead gorgeous.
    I remember collecting the Cosmopolitan Brazil (NOVA) back in the 70’s with her on the cover. She looked incredible.

  3. Eva Voorhees says:

    I agree-I was thrilled when I met her at Eileen and Gerry Ford’s country house.

  4. Linda Penner says:

    Yes i must agree that the images of Christina are beautiful and bring back fond memories. I especially liked her on the covers of Harper’s Bazaar.

  5. haywood says:

    Yes yes Bazaar, Cosmo, super model, beautiful blah blah blah blah blah thats all real nice but whats really important here is that she was married to the genius that gave us the Pontiac GTO and the DMC-12 or otherwise referred to as The DeLorean.

  6. Jim T says:

    Cristina Ferrare was my favorite model of the mid-1970s to early-1980s era.

    I agree with Way Bandy’ quote in the January 1979 Harper’s Bazaar: “Ferrare has a great face. She has that quality of absolute beauty, like [Elizabeth] Taylor, that can span over many decades. Whether they’re wearing makeup or not, they’ll always be beautiful.”

  7. Ron says:

    She’s is so beautiful like a Goddess. A truly outstandingly beautiful woman, figure, face, skin, hair, she really had it all plus being beautiful on the inside as well. The women in Hollywood today can’t even begin to compare to the class and loveliness of this woman.

  8. Donna says:

    One of the most beautiful women ever. Really stunning all around. I agree women today like Kim Kardashian can’t even compare to her. And she was a natural beauty not a product of 50 surgeries. The real deal.

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