Amber Valletta

Amber Evangeline Valletta (born February 9, 1974) is an American model and actress.

Valletta was born in Tucson, Arizona. Shortly after her birth, her family moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. She attended Booker T. Washington High School. She got her start in the fashion industry when her mother enrolled her in modeling school at the age of fifteen at the Linda Layman Agency.

Valletta modeled on the covers of numerous magazines and in advertisements for Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein and Versace. She hosted MTV’s House of Style with fellow model Shalom Harlow. In 2010, she appeared in The Spy Next Door, starring Jackie Chan, George Lopez, and Billy Ray Cyrus; she played the mother of a child who accidentally downloads a CIA code from the internet. Valletta is probably best known for her roles in the movies Hitch, Transporter 2, What Lies Beneath and Gamer.

Valletta is married to Olympic volleyball player Christian “Chip” McCaw. She has a son, named Auden. Her first marriage, in 1994, was to Hervé Le Bihan. They divorced in 1996.

Valletta serves as the spokesperson for Oceana’s Seafood Contamination Campaign, where she brings awareness of the dangers of mercury poisoning in various kinds of seafood. The decision to join Oceana’s campaign was prompted by the mercury-poisoning experience of a friend and the fact that she is a mother of two.

In August 2006, the New York Daily News reported that Valletta completed a stint at The Meadow rehabilitation facility in Wickenburg, Arizona, for stress and non-substance-related issues. Her breakdown was allegedly precipitated by reports of her being a drug mule (husband Christian McCaw had a prior arrest for drug smuggling), and a subsequent investigation by law enforcement. Valletta told People magazine, “As was correctly reported earlier this week, my stay at The Meadows had nothing to do with substance abuse or addiction; I am pleased to say I have seven years’ sobriety. But I continue every day to heal and grow as a person”.

In January 2008, she participated in a video for Barack Obama produced by Will.I.Am called “Yes We Can” along with her son Auden, whom she was holding in her arms. Valletta has kept him in the spotlight beginning with Vogue magazine photos of her in a gown chasing a naked Auden through the grass and nine years later he still appears in public photos with his model mom. Conversely, Valletta keeps all details of her daughter under wraps and shields her from all forms of publicity.


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  1. mike stanley says:

    WOW! 86 major albums & climbing! I also like the changes on the “Supermodel” page. The thumbnails are a great addition.

  2. Eva Voorhees says:

    And it keeps growing… Christy’s is together finally.

  3. Eva Voorhees says:

    Mason’s doing!

  4. Linda Penner says:

    Amber Valletta is an american model and actress with the most precious green eyes and skin. She is remarkable. Beauty from outside and in. Her face as graced so many magazine covers it would be a delight to see just what model has the most covers under her belt. Amber has got to be in the line up and she is often seen with the beautiful model shalom harlowe. The two of them can look so sweet and pretty and then outrageously sexy and dangerous. Amber is kind and giving and just a very nice person. Again she has the face that people recognize from all over.

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